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All Arlington Schools will be closed March 16 through April 24
On March 12, Gov. Jay Inslee directed all K-12 schools in King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties to close for an extended period of time. All schools in Arlington will be closed for students starting Monday, March 16 through Friday, April 24. These are unprecedented times and we want to make sure we, as a school community, are helping to keep our students, staff and families safe and healthy.

Tomorrow, Friday, March 13, will be a regular school day. This allows an additional day of learning and time for students to bring home all personal items. Families should use this time to plan childcare for this extended closure.

If your child has medications at school that they will need at home during the closure, a parent or guardian must pick up the medication from the school health room.

We recognize this closure creates many different challenges for families and staff and raises many questions. During the next several days, we will work to address the many issues this closure presents. We will continue to provide ongoing information to you.

Thank you for your patience. Together, we will work through this challenging situation.

Dr. Chrys Sweeting
Arlington Public Schools

Additional information is available on Arlington Public Schools' Coronavirus (COVID-19) page at this link.

AHS Drama's Once Upon a Mattress
At this time we cannot make any decisions regarding the cancellation or rescheduling of the production.  
We ask that you please be patient as there are many questions that cannot be answered at this time.  If you would prefer a refund for the tickets that have been purchased, please contact us with your order number.  You may also choose to do nothing and contribute to the Drama Department to help offset the cost of the this amazing production.

All Events scheduled in the Byrnes Performing Arts Center
have been postponed or cancelled through April 2020 until further notice.

3/13 - AHS Spring Musical Show #3: 7pm
3/14 - AHS Spring Musical Show #4: 1pm
        - AHS Spring Musical Show #5: 7pm
3/16 - AHS Jr. Class Meeting: 1pm
        - APS Sno-Isle 3rd Grade Reading Challenge: 6:30pm
3/17 - APS Elementary Opera Performance: 1:15pm
        - Post Middle School Band Concert: 7pm
3/18 - APS Transportation Meeting
        - Post Middle School/Haller Middle School Choir: 7pm
3/19 - President's Elementary Choir: 7pm
3/20-22 - KAR Dance
3/23 - Kent Prairie/Eagle Creek/AHS Flight Concert: 6pm
3/24 - MPMEA
        - Haller Band Concert: 7pm
3/25 - MPMEA
        - Pioneer Choir Concert: 7pm
3/30 - APS/COA/PHD Joint Meeting: 6pm


4/3 - STAR Dance Alliance
4/4 - STAR Dance Alliance
4/5 - STAR Dance Alliance
4/13 - AHS Shakespeare Performance
4/13 - APS/COA Joint Meeting: 6pm
4/16 - AHS & Bloodworks Blood Drive
4/17 - WA State Natural Body Builders Load In
4/18 - WA State Natural Body Builders Competition
4/20 - Swing into Spring Jazz Band Recording Day 1: 5pm
4/21 - Swing into Spring Jazz Band Recording Day 2: 5pm
4/22 - AHS Band Rehearse
4/22 - CTE Terry Bravo Dinner: 6pm
4/23 - AHS Band Rehearse
4/23 - AHS Senior Band Concert: 7pm
4/24 - Thunderstruck Dance
4/25 - Thunderstruck Dance
4/26 - Thunderstruck Dance
4/27 - AHS Arts Week Lobby Displays
4/28 - AHS Arts Week 10 Min. Play Festival: 3pm
4/29 - AHS Arts Week Band Day
4/30 - AHS Arts Week Short Films: 3pm

May: TBD

5/1 - AHS Arts Week Choir Day
5/3 - North Cascades Concert Band: 3pm
5/4 - AHS AP Testing
5/5 - AHS AP Testing
5/6 - AHS AP Testing
5/7 - AHS AP Testing
5/7 - APS CTE Advisory Meeting: 5pm
5/8 - AHS AP Testing
5/8 - Groove Dance
5/9 - Groove Dance
5/10 - Groove Dance
5/11 - AHS AP Testing
5/12 - AHS AP Testing
5/12 - Kend Prairie Choire: 6:30pm
5/13 - AHS AP Testing
5/14 - AHS AP Testing
5/15 - Cascade Academy of Music and Arts
5/16 - AHS AP Testing
5/18 - Snohomish Co. Fire Academy Graduation
5/20 - AHS Flight & Aerie Cabaret Rehearsal
5/21 - AHS Flight & Aerie Cabaret Rehearsal
5/22 - AHS Flight & Aerie Cabaret Rehearsal
5/26 - AHS Flight & Aerie Cabaret Rehearsal

5/26 - National Honor Society Inductee Ceremony: 6pm
5/27 - AHS Flight and Aerie Cabaret Rehearsal
5/28 - AHS Skills Labor Day
5/28 - AHS Flight & Aerie Cabaret Dress Rehearsal
5/29 - AHS Flight & Aerie Cabaret Show #1
5/30 - AHS Flight & Aerie Cabaret Show #2