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AHS's Flight Choir presents their annual "IT'S A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS SHOW" for the community. All are welcome to bring a little joy into their hearts with an incredible selection of favorite Christmas songs. Come and support these amazing singers from our very own town.

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Issues purchasing tickets or questions about the shows, contact Sue Carlin at Arlington HS
360-618-3000 or


Friday, December 22nd 7:00PM

Join Calvary Arlington as Taproot Theatre presents two holiday performances...
"Improve In A Pear Tree" & "Silent Night"

Silent Night: New for 2017! A pair of strangers find themselves trapped with an angel, caught between time and continents. While not happy to find them in her space, the angel helps them find their ways home. This charming Christmas comedy spans centuries and reminds us that peace on earth begins in the hearts of every individual.

Improv In A Pear Tree: Back by popular demand! Going home for the holidays is a special sort of adventure full of road trips, family traditions, and the crazy characters we call friends and family. This year, Taproot's Improv Team is bringing you the story of a pair of newlyweds sharing their first Christmas. Using suggestions from the audience, the actors create the characters, traditions and circumstances to create a hilarious and unexpected holiday story you won't forget. No two performances are the same!

The evening will begin with some Christmas Carols and end with a brief message from Pastor Jim Jacobson.
Both performances are offered free to the public.
Refreshments will be provided prior to the opening performance.

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